Miummm – Flanders’ House of Food

Miummm – Flanders’ House of Food is a unique interactive science and experience centre in Flanders, where you learn all about nutrition “from farm to fork”.

Go through all stages of the food chain in a playful and interactive way. Discover how smells, colors and textures can shape or change your taste experience. Miummm puts all of your senses to the test!

Experience what physical efforts equal eating one slice of bread, and exactly how extensive your knowledge is about “healthy diets”. Follow in the footsteps of the modern farmer, beat each other with the auction clock game … You can experience all of it at the Miummm!

Have a look at the innovative character of the agro-food world in our Innovation Food Box where companies and research institutes propose their latest innovations. In the Miummm you will discover the latest in the agro-food business!

As lead partner, Flanders’ House of Food is responsible for the overall project as well as for supporting all project partners in developing project activities. Besides, Miummm also puts effort in the extension of its experience center with a miniMiummm (a Miummm for kids), an innovative taste academy and a taste laboratory.