Plattelandscentrum Meetjesland

Plattelandscentrum Meetjesland aims to inform the public on issues relating to agriculture and horticulture in relation to the countryside. It does this in a creative way, for example by organizing activities that will give the Meetjesland extra value. Its activities are cultural, recreational and educational. They are accessible to both  the inhabitants of the Meetjesland and to external visitors.Plattelandscentrum Meetjesland consists of 2 visitors centres: one on agriculture and one on regional heritage and tourism.

Thedurable existence of  a strong agro-food region, thrives on the ensurance of a major social supporting system. To this effect, the implementation of an effective regional branding strategy is of the greatest importance.

The Meetjesland is a Belgian rural region situated between the cities of Ghent and Bruges,and  bordering the Netherlands in the north. It covers 1/5 of the province of East Flanders and consists of 13 municipalities with 175.000 inhabitants. The region has a variety of landscapes: the north has typical creeks, recovered from the sea, while the south is more sandy and wooded. 80% of the area is cultivated by farmers. The Meetjesland is a pronounced agro-food region

Plattelandscentrum (PLC) will  develop a series of new product-market-combinations (PMC's), focussing on regional  products. In addition, it wants to develop and implement a concept called the "Regional Taste Academy". To this effect,PLC will develop an innovative kitchen  unit,where cooking lessons on food related issues will be developed. Finally, PLC wants to improve the accessibility of the regional market by creating a pilot distribution system for regional foodproducts