RESOC & SERR Mid-West-Flanders

RESOC & SERR Mid-West-Flanders (The Regional Economic and Social Concertation Committee & the Social Economic Council for the Region) are the regional platforms for the development and the improvement of cross-sectoral, socio-economic collaboration, for the Flemish Counties of Roeselare and Tielt. RESOC is composed of representatives of public authorities (Province and local authorities) and the social partners (employers and employees-associations). Its mission is to develop and implement a socio-economic policy for the region. SERR is composed of representatives of the social partners. Its mission is to assure an integrated regional approach towards labour market issues, within the global socio-economic policy of the region.

Fish and Chips represents an excellent opportunity for Mid-West-Flanders  to establish and strengthen its positionas Europe's Vegetable Garden. As lead partner, our region will develop and promote a wide range of collaboration opportunities.

The subregion Mid-West-Flanders covers 17 municipalities with approximately 250.000 inhabitants, and is situated in the Province of West-Flanders. It is a region that is characterized as a high-performing, industrialized area: Mid-West-Flanders has the highest employment activity rate (77,6%) in Flanders, combined with the lowest unemployment rate (3,5 %) in the country. In particular the sectors of the food processing industry, textiles, metal and wood industries are flourishing.

Developing a product-market-combination and creating a common concept for taste academies are two important activities within this Flemish region. The regional taste academy will be organized in a new innovative culinary classroom in Roeselare. Furthermore, a mini-miummm will be constructed, which is the extension of the Flanders House of Food (Miummm). This is a 'healthy life style'/ food related activity centre for young kids.