RURANT ‒ a unique Public/Private Partnership (PPP) of 11 project partners ‒ is engaged in developing rural areas in the Belgian province of Antwerp.  The main objective is to conserve and regenerate rural areas in Antwerp province, and help them to remain tax-attractive and dynamic regions, mainly by fostering rural entrepreneurship (by assisting and advising rural entrepreneurs in new networks and methodologies) and by promoting neighbourhood networks, using RURANT methodology (achieve a common objective by getting various stakeholders involved).

Farm produce and regional products are key drivers of regional development… and Antwerp province is no exception.  Our beers, vegetables and diary products are strong ambassadors for our region, and what most people associate with it.

Antwerp province is made up of 70 towns and villages (1,716,000 inhabitants). Besides the port of Antwerp, it contains a large rural area with a leafy green landscape: fields, pastureland, a sandy soil and historic heathlands.  Arable farming and horticulture are two of the economic flag-bearers, with diary produce and meat products most prominent.  Antwerp has a lot of famous beers too.  Tourists love the region on account of its water sports and cycle routes.

In this project, RURANT focuses on building networks of ‒ and for ‒ producers of farm produce and regional products.  This serves to improve the professionalism and expertise of the entrepreneurs.  In addition, RURANT aims to develop a touristic Product-Market combination (PMC) on Antwerp’s beers, make a feasibility study on the distribution of farm produce and regional products and bolster an annual public event for producers of farm produce and regional products.