Somerset County Council

Somerset County Council is the principal tier of local government serving a population of half a million people. The Council works as an enabling body in relation to the local economy, and sees food and drink as one of the key sectors for economic growth.  It is working with a range of local food & drink producers within the County to maximise the development of the sector and has set up a small steering group of producers to determine the detail of the Fish & Chips project. The Council has the support of the South West Food & Drink agency and I.B.M. to help deliver the various project components.

Somerset is very pleased to be a partner in this cross-border 'Fish & Chips' initiative. We will contribute our own expertise and experience to the Programme, and expect  to learn from elsewhere whilst developing a number of new projects.


Locally produced Food & drink is important to the Somerset economy and also contributes greatly to the landscape of the County. Cheese and cider are amongst the principal products and the landscape of meadows and orchards gives the County its familiar characteristics.

We will be developing a new marketing hub for local food and drink, utilising the technical expertise of our private sector I.T. experts, IBM, In addition we envisage new tourism-related products that will see an increase in the distribution of local food & drink products.