Food is a constant in everyone’s life. The food- and allied sectors constitute a signifi cant part of the economic base and are, at the same time, a region-specifi c banner of that region’s identity. The purpose of the ‘Fish and Chips’ project is to foster the joint development of new concepts and products or product-marketcombinations (PMCs) and, through that cooperation, help boost the regional identity of each of the participating regions, and establish a common identity as clustered and neighbouring food regions. Economic development through ‘regional branding’ also implies investments to boost the cultural and brand identity of a specifi c region. By cooperating, it will be strategically easier to open up new markets to trade, both collectively and for each individual partner, e.g. to nearby European capitals.



The participating regions save considerably on development costs by cooperating on projects. It also allows them to launch initiatives together, as they fi nd strength through numbers and economies of scale. In addition to this, the cooperation signifi cantly increases their knowledge, throwing up new ideas. By developing joint strategies, regional entrepreneurship (and especially the activities of SMEs) are strengthened and made sustainable, on a truly pan-European basis.